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About British Shorthairs

The British Shorthair cat history can be traced from the time of the Roman Empire, being the domestic cat of Rome.  With its long, steady history the British Shorthair cat is one of the least altered cat breeds, which makes it robust and healthy.  The original color for most British Shorthair cats was blue and at one point was known as the "British Blue".  This cat has long been regarded for its physical strength and hunting ability but later became more known for its equally gentle nature and loyalty.

The British Short Hair cat has a broad, round head with a short, thick neck.  It has large, round eyes that are wide-set and copper in color.  This cat can grow to either a medium or large body size and has short, but strong, well-proportioned legs.  The tail is medium length but thick and rounded at the ends.

The personality of the British Short Hair cat can be described as gentle, calm and loyal. This cat may be aloof with others but becomes extremely devoted to its owners and is an undemanding companion, fitting well within family life.

Physical Description

One of the most appealing features of this cat is the built-in smile caused by the round prominent whisker pads. This smile was never displayed better than in Lewis Carroll's Cheshire cat; originally a tabby British Shorthair.

A very sturdy and strong cat with a body shape that is almost square, since they are almost as broad as they are long in length. A British Shorthair has thick, short legs on a heavily muscled body. With broad shoulders and powerful hips, the British is affectionately referred as the body builder or bulldog of the cat fancy.

While the male British is noticeably larger, broader and rounder than the female, both male and female British Shorthairs are an imposing cat presence. Growing very slowly, a British Blue Shorthair does not reach full maturity until four to five years of age.

The head of a British Shorthair is very massive, broad, and round. Chubby cheeks give the British Shorthair a Cheshire cat appearance, and large, brilliant copper eyes are prominent facial features. Medium to small sized ears with rounded tips are set wide apart on the domed top head. A snub nose on a short wide muzzle, with firm, slightly rounded chin emphasizes the roundness to the head and powerful jaw.

The coat of a British Shorthair is unique. No other breed of cat has the thick plush, well-bodied coat of the British. With the texture and density of lush rich velvet, a British Shorthair feels like a sheered lamb or a rich Persian carpet.

The thick, naturally protective short hair of a British seldom sheds if living quarters are kept cool and hand grooming (petting) is done on a regular basis. British Shorthairs don't like water, but will accept the indignity of a bath provided it is done with tender loving care.

The blue colour of a British Shorthair can range from a pale light silver to a dark charcoal, with the lighter shades being preferred. The colour should be solid and even throughout the body, with ghost tabby rings on the tail allowed only in immature specimens. A British Shorthair must have deep copper eyes that are large and round, giving the British a sweet, open expression.

Just because the British Shorthair is a big, massive cat, it does not mean it is a fat cat. A British Shorthair should be the same width at the shoulder as at the hips. Their body should not pouch out or cave in. They should have a firm tummy that does not sag or wiggle. Sound muscular body type is obtained through sound genetics, quality food, and plenty of exercise.

Temperament: British Shorthairs are very affectionate, quietly following you from room to room until they can settle contentedly by your side. Gifted with lasting patience and confidence, Brits are especially good with children and other types of pets. A moderately active cat, they are not destructive as a breed, adapting well to any size household. British are very easy going and are affectionate to numerous people in the circle they consider family.